european KETO convention 2023

IJvenues amsterdam
the netherlands


European Keto convention 2023

IJvenues, The Netherlands’ most prestigious convention location, will be the décor of the first major European convention on the Ketogenic and Low Carb lifestyle. Internationally renowned scientists, writers, journalist, coaches, chefs and influencers will hold presentations, panel discussions, workshops and show their culinary arts. Keto and Low Carb focused businesses and organizations will showcase their products and services in the neighboring Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, that will be scene of a 4 day fare filled with product presentations and life cooking shows.

The European Keto Convention’s aim is to connect the science behind the ketogenic diet with the practitioners and the public. We want to answer all the questions that are out there about the Keto and Low Carb diet. This convention will be highly interactive. Delegates, virtual or in-person, can choose from a range of panel discussions on specific subjects like Keto and weight loss, diabetes, mental health, healthy aging and much more. You can also participate in workshops and live cooking events, and enjoy several special events in the evening to provide you with even more opportunities to connect with fellow Ketonians.

In the neighbouring Passenger Terminal Amsterdam we will organize a fair  where companies and organizations can showcase their products and services related to the Keto and Low Carb lifestyle. This fair is accessible to delegates attending the convention, but also to any members of the general public interested in learning more about the Keto and Low Carb lifestyle. This is an excellent opportunity for your business or organization to present your products and services to a very targeted audience, to preside workshops and presentations, but also to connect and mingle with the delegates of the European Keto Convention.

More information about the convention and our list of world-renowned keynote speakers will be available soon. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed, or become a member of the European Keto Foundation.  


About the venue

ijVENUES is just a 20 minute drive from Schiphol Airport and is easily accessible by train, car (there is plenty of private parking) , boat or bus. Located right next to Amsterdam Central Station and in the center of Amsterdam, our convention location provides a unique ease of access to Amsterdam and the rest of Holland during your convention stay.